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I am a 58 year old male single divorced leaving my past behind me ,and moving forward . I have done many terrible things in my past wanting to move on with a new life not wanting to do any harm to myself or nobody . Believing in a higher power believing to follow the laws of this land United States of America. Planning on attending school once again wanting to forgive everybody in my heart for their trespasses , as I am forgiven . Knowing I must move on with my life putting the past behind me to think right , eat right , and to love everybody in such a society as today the United States of America we all must try ,and be friends and get along with everybody . Believing in taking the proper medications ,and hanging out with the right people is very important now a days not to be fooling ones self to be telling the truth at all times the best that you can . Who really knows what the future does hold ,and what does wait for us ahead ? Hoping that all will be safe , and no harm will come to nobody that everybody can live in harmony together not in poverty . That everybody can have a peaceful life loving one another in a very platonic way that it is meant to be as a happy family also yet being very fruitful to being able to multiply ,and prosper too . Hoping and wanting for everybody to have a wonderful life each ,and every day is okay yes I do pray ,and thank you for looking at this page today .
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